What’s Up, Duckling? A Look at Duck Egg Development


What happens in that egg? You’re candling your eggs and what are you seeing? Well this is what you’re seeing –

Day 1-6: During this period, the fertilized duck egg undergoes cell division, and the embryo starts developing. On the sixth day, blood vessels and the circulatory system start forming.

Day 7-13: The duck embryo begins to take shape, and the eyes, beak, and wings start forming. The embryo’s heart also starts to beat, and the feathers begin to develop.

Day 14-19: The beak and claws continue to develop, and the feathers become more visible. The sex of the duckling can be determined during this period.

Day 20-25: The duckling’s organs and body systems continue to develop, and the egg tooth, which the duckling uses to break out of the shell, starts to form.

Day 26-28: The duckling prepares to hatch by turning into the hatching position, which involves positioning its head under its wing and breaking the air sac at the end of the egg to breathe.

Day 28-30: Hatching usually occurs during this period, and the duckling uses its egg tooth to break the shell and emerge from the egg.


It’s important to note that these timeframes may vary slightly depending on the breed of duck, temperature, humidity levels, and other factors.