Rosé Girl Appreciation

“But rosé isn’t real wine”

I never understood this comment. Who the heck are you? What do you mean it’s not real wine? It’s made the exact same way as every other wine out there. Rosé is not a blend of white wine and red wine (which I have learned is a much more common thought than it should be). It goes through the same process as a red, sits on the skins from a couple hours up to 48 hours and than treated normally as a white wine.

Completely legitimate winemaking that for years now, producers have been trying to get everyone to understand. It is becoming a more serious drink, we can look past the white zinfandels (I wholeheartedly blame the USA for that), the association that rosé is sweet and finally realize it does hold real wine status. Look at Provence, a region in France responsible for producing nearly all of France’s delicate summer serum, has been around forever. It is considered one of the pinnacles for rosé, with 80% of production for the entire region being rosé. It even has an institute dedicated to the study of rosé!

Look at Tavel, a region in the southern Rhone who only produces rosé. Winemakers are giving rosé their time to shine with some producers not even releasing their pink hues until the fall. It is time to jump on this bandwagon and support this trend. The pink wines have not just battled for years, they have EARNED this spot to be in your glass year round.


Rosé Girl