10 Chicken Facts

  1. Chickens are descendants of the wild red junglefowl from Southeast Asia. They were domesticated over 8,000 years ago.
  2. Chickens have a unique way of communication. They use a combination of clucks, squawks, and cackles to convey different messages to each other.
  3. Chickens can remember and recognize over 100 different faces, including other chickens and humans.
  4. Contrary to popular belief, chickens are not completely flightless birds. While they are not strong fliers, they can manage short bursts of flight, especially to escape from perceived danger.
  5. Chickens have an incredible sense of time. They can anticipate events such as feeding time and will gather around the feeder just before it is due.
  6. Chickens have a strong maternal instinct. They will fiercely protect their eggs and chicks and even cluck to their unborn chicks while they are still in the egg.
  7. Chickens have a complex social structure within their flock. They establish a hierarchy or “pecking order” where dominant birds have priority access to food and resources.
  8. The color of a chicken’s earlobe can indicate the color of their eggs. Chickens with white earlobes typically lay white eggs, while those with red earlobes usually lay brown eggs.
  9. Chickens are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and small insects. They have a varied diet that includes grains, seeds, fruits, and insects.
  10. Chickens can produce a wide range of vocalizations, and each has a specific meaning. They have distinct calls for warning others about predators, expressing contentment, and calling their chicks to gather.